How to choose a reliable smart toilet
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How to choose a reliable smart toilet

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With the improvement of living standards, many people will choose to install a smart toilet. The smart toilet not only has various functions, but also has the function of energy saving and emission reduction. How to choose a reliable smart toilet? What are the maintenance tips for the smart toilet? Let me find out together.

1. Paying attention to the safety: the smart toilet has the functions of water heating, seat cover heating and warm air drying, so it is inseparable from the power supply during use. Among the many functions of smart toilets, water temperature control, seat temperature control, and flame retardant performance are the main indicators related to product safety. When purchasing a smart toilet, it is necessary to consider whether the material has flame retardants added to prevent the product from causing fire due to accidents. FABIA's smart toilet is equipped with plug leakage protection, no water and power failure protection, and protection devices such as water temperature, wind temperature, and seat temperature overheating protection to ensure your safety.

2. Pay attention to whether there is a water purification function. Many people report that after using their smart toilets for a period of time, their nozzles will be blocked. The reason is that the water quality in many areas is hard and scales are easily formed after heating. Therefore, it is necessary to use smart bathroom products equipped with filter water purification systems.

3. Pay attention to energy saving and environmental protection performance. When purchasing a smart toilet, you should not only pay attention to the function, but also pay attention to whether it saves water. This requires examining the water consumption, flushing rate, flushing distance and other indicators of the product. From the perspective of product accessories, the larger diameter drain valve allows the product to drain quickly. A qualified water-saving toilet should save water while ensuring the sewage function. In terms of power consumption, indicators such as standby power consumption, seat heating power consumption, and power saving mode of the product should be investigated.

After reading this article, do you know how to choose a reliable smart toilet?




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