You need a warm smart toilet seat in cold winter
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You need a warm smart toilet seat in cold winter

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Winter is coming, and the weather is getting colder and colder. The cold toilet ring makes us feel uncomfortable when we sit down. And the smart toilet seat with heating function provides a warm and comfortable experience. But the price gap of toilet seat cover is very big. Which product is right for you?

Step 1: Is there power supply near the toilet

If you don't have an electrical outlet next to your toilet, you won't be able to use the heating function of the smart toilet seat.

Step 2: Pay Attention to Shape and Size

The toilets used in our respective homes vary in size and shape. At present, toilets are mainly in V-shaped and U-shaped shapes. The size of the intelligent toilet is relatively simple in specification due to the formation of a standard. Therefore, when using a smart toilet, you need to check the shape and size to see if your toilet can fit.

The V-type is more suitable for home users, and its compact size is more suitable for installation in the bathroom at home, and it is more economical in the use of materials than the U-type.

The U-shape is biased towards public users. Considering that it is more durable and needs stronger load-bearing capacity to increase the force-bearing area of the human body, it is designed as a U-shape. In some public toilets, the toilets we see are mainly U-shaped, which are rarely used by home users.

Step 3: Measure the size of the toilet to see if it is suitable for installation

It mainly depends on the diameter distance from the water tank to the toilet, the distance from the installation hole to the inner ring of the toilet, the distance between the installation apertures, and the distance from the water tank to the installation aperture.

Step 4: Pay attention to safety

During the heating process of the smart toilet seat, it is necessary to choose to be equipped with protection devices such as leakage protection and overheating protection to ensure your safety.

In order to keep your "butt" from freezing this cold winter, buy a smart toilet seat now!




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